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Narratives are stories or beliefs we have about ourselves and who we are. These narratives can be in our awareness or out of our awareness. These beliefs can be accurate and based on reality or they can be held because of how we viewed the world from our past and early experience.

These organizing beliefs, often out of awareness, can become self-fulfilling prophecies. If one is fortunate and their internal beliefs are benign and adaptive, things work out well and allows for positive well being.

If one’s organizing  beliefs are that one is intrinsically a bad person, people are not to be trusted, nothing ever goes right for me, I’ll never find a loving partner, one can find themselves in a repetitive cycle. These beliefs may be based on dynamics that existed at an earlier age, that may have had some merit in the past, but now we drag them around like a weight and they have an adverse affect on our lives. We sometimes can be aware of these convictions but understanding the scenario that created those ideas in the first place can be a powerful tool  in our ability to eliminate or dull their impacts on us.